SL. NOSession TopicSchedule DatesSchedule Timings (IST)
IDC: 01Getting Started01-July-201707:00 Hrs
IDC: 02Neuroscience of Learning01-July-201708:00 Hrs
IDC: 03Behaviour and Personality01-July-201709:00 Hrs
IDC: 04T-F-B Model01-July-201710:00 Hrs
IDC: 05Evolution of DiSC02-July-201707:00 Hrs
IDC: 06Introduction to DiSC Model02-July-201708:00 Hrs
IDC: 07Ten behavioural dimensions02-July-201709:00 Hrs
IDC: 08EPIC System02-July-201710:00 Hrs
IDC: 09Everything DiSC08-July-201707:00 Hrs
IDC: 10Coaching with DiSC08-July-201708:00 Hrs
IDC: 11Beyond DiSC08-July-201709:00 Hrs
IDC: 12Training with DiSC08-July-201710:00 Hrs
IDC: 13Leadership development with DiSC09-July-201707:00 Hrs
IDC: 14Reliability of DiSC09-July-201708:00 Hrs
IDC: 15Application of DiSC09-July-201709:00 Hrs
IDC: 16Growing your DiSC Practice09-July-201710:00 Hrs