Action orientation is a skill not held by all. It means willing to take practical action to deal with a problem or situation. There are times when words are not sufficient enough to complete a work in hand. Words build planning. Planning on doing something, taking big steps to complete the task takes a lot of time. In some cases, you may not have enough time to make plans. At those times, you should keep aside your planning, and start acting out.

Express yourself through actions, and not by just words. For instance, you want to bring changes in your community. For this you take the help of social media. You ask your neighbors to sign up, or to agree to your plans. After that everyone gets busy with their hectic schedule, including you, and the page remains as it is, with few advices here and there and no action taking place, and therefore, no changes.

Less Action Orientation

Some of the characteristics of people who are less action oriented are mentioned below –

People who are more action oriented enjoy working hard. They are not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning. They are likely to seize more opportunities than others. They get things done, be it on their own or through others. While there are some people who are more action oriented, there are others who are extremely action oriented.

They overuse their skills and they –


The need for speed and agility in the marketplace means that those individuals and organizations who hesitate will be overtaken by those who don’t. Most successful managers consider action orientation as one of their strengths. The hesitation mainly comes from perfectionism, procrastination or risk avoidance. All these cause people to delay taking quick and timely action.

Some remedies are given below –

Strengthening your action orientation ability and making good business decisions is important, but making sure that those decisions are implemented is also essential to success. To become more action oriented, read a book on the subject, take up an online course or consult an expert. Manage your actions and the results will be well worth the efforts. Training programs to corporates and individuals to help them tap their strengths and create a unique competitive advantage.